Thursday, August 11, 2016

Easing Money Anxiety

The word "money" carries many connotations:
power, freedom, evil, fear, uncertainty, anxiety, depending on one's relationship with it.

It would be a great advantage for money to bring more positive reactions like freedom, opportunity, excitement, brotherly love, kindness.

How can you make that happen? How can you change your relationship with money? Find a really good financial adviser.

Yes, I know you can read and attempt to do it yourself. I've learned the hard way that even using YouTube videos, I still need a plumber, electrician and car mechanic. My reading and learning helps me understand the situation better but I have no intention of making that my profession. Research and comprehension keep me from being ripped-off or led astray.

A true financial adviser plays a sacred role and exercises a societal obligation to help people cope with money anxiety as stated in a recent article of Investment News.

Your adviser should be able to extract fact from fiction:

- are your fears or concerns about money well founded?
- are your goals realistic?
- are your values reflected in your investments?
- are you clear about where you are today and where you want to be in 5 years, 10 years, retirement?

A Robo adviser cannot feel your emotions or understand the cycles of life to help you make good decisions over your lifetime.
A true adviser honors your values, respects your worries and concerns and helps you accomplish your goals. And, they bring expertise to the table; the expertise that many years of study, client interaction, fluctuating markets built their experience and wisdom.

Good financial advisers are out there; you just have to search for them.

Be $ Smart
- take the time to find the financial adviser who's right for you to relieve your money anxiety!