Saturday, July 9, 2016

Take Advantage of Your HSA

Health Savings Accounts are becoming more popular. They are usually part of a high deductible plan and are different from flex-spending.

They are triple-tax-advantaged where you pay no state or federal income tax on the money as it is deducted from your pay before taxes are calculated or

1. Contributions you make to a HSA are tax-deductible,
2. Contributions made by your employer are tax-free,
3. Interest accrued in the HSA is also tax-free,
and the accounts are “portable” meaning they stay with you even if you change jobs or leave the workforce.

Unlike flex-spending which must be used up annually (up to $500) or you lose it, HSA money can be carried forward indefinitely. This makes an HSA account another form of savings to use in retirement where healthcare can be a major expense.

Tax-free distributions from your HSA are made upon presenting receipts for qualifying health expenses like deductibles and co-pays. If you are able to cover these expenses out of pocket, you may hold on to the receipts and get a tax benefit in future years. Meantime, your money in the HSA grows tax-free.

Over time, If you are healthy and hardly draw from your HSA you could amass a sizable amount of money in your HSA to be used for future health expenses. There is no time limit on your receipts!

Be $ Smart
- Save as much as you can in your HSA to take advantage of the triple tax exemptions. Use every tax break Uncle Sam offers. It leaves more money in your pocket!